Windscreen Chip Repairs

A windscreen chip is an Achilles' heel for your windscreen and this small vulnerability can lead to a whole host of more serious problems. That is, unless you come to us here at Impact Windscreens as soon as you notice the chip. That way you will avoid running the risk of your windscreen chip turning into a crack. In fact, it's best to repair windscreen chips as soon as possible after you first notice them as a swift repair will prevent dirt and debris getting into the chip, causing it to crack altogether. Having the chip repaired as soon as it's noticed will also mean that you'll save the cost of a full windscreen replacement.

We do offer both repair and replacement but would rather nip your problem in the bud and treat your windscreen chip quickly, easily and cheaply. Our swift and effective method involves injecting the chip with a special resin in order to restore the integrity of the windscreen. If you're fully comp then we can usually bill your insurance company directly while we also offer fantastic prices to those with 3rd party insurance. So don't keep driving with a vulnerable and chipped windscreen, call us today for swift repairs that will have you back on the road in no time.

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